We Support Ethical Couponing.

CouponIntegrity blogs and wesites pledge to uphold the highest standards in Couponing. We promote ethical couponing to our followers so that manufacturers and retailers can continue to offer the highest value discounts to shoppers.

Woman holding coupons and a babyExtreme, unethical couponing hurts manufacturers, retailers, and ultimately consumers. When sites and blogs promote tactics that fall outside our code of ethics for the sake of a "hot deal," we all lose.

As a shopper, following a blog or website that promotes violating manufacturer terms and conditions and/or committing even small acts of coupon fraud can mean BIG trouble. Ignorance to terms and conditions is no excuse - and unfortunately, the Internet is littered with 'couponers' who are advocating methods of shopping that can cause you embarrassment, frustration, and much worse.

Each website listed below has agreed to meet our Code of Ethics. We have reviewed their site and deemed them in compliance at the time of review. If you find a website listed below who is not abiding by the standards below, please notify us and we will review the site in question.

Please encourage your favorite blogs and sites to apply for and wear the CouponIntegrity badge and together we can elevate the standards and image of all couponers.

Sites and blogs that wear the CouponIntegrity badge abide by these Code of Ethics...

1. They promote the use of both manufacturer's and store coupons only as intended.

(a) Using coupons only on products included on the coupon; including any size or variety specifications.

(b) Using coupons in accordance with all purchase requirements listed on the coupon.

(c) Honoring any special coupon usage limits listed on some coupons. (Such as not using more than one of a like coupon per household.)

(d) Respecting the expiration dates on all coupons.

2. They promote fully honoring store coupon policies.

(a) Honoring any per transaction coupon limits imposed by individual stores.

(b) Purchasing only products matching both a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupon whenever employing coupon stacking.

(c) Following any limits on coupon doubling.

3. They promote obtaining coupons in only ethical manners.

(a) Only printing and using the quantity of Internet coupons approved by the manufacturer. (Such as honoring "limit one per household" restrictions.)

(b) Steering clear of any coupons sent around the Internet via email or other methods not approved by the manufacturer.

(c) Only using newspaper coupon inserts from purchased newspapers. (i.e. Not condoning any theft of coupon inserts.)

(d) Not purchasing coupons from third party sources (e.g. coupon clipping services).

(e) Only printing internet coupons from approved coupon sources.

(f) Never photocopying coupons.

4. They promote education and the understanding of consumer's rights as an honest coupon user.

(a) Learning my local store coupon policies.

(b) Participating in appropriate and respectful dialogue with store personnel if an issue arises.

(c) Remaining mindful of other families and shoppers when purchasing in quantity.

(d) Promote "paying it forward," through sharing coupons with others, and sending expired coupons to overseas military families when possible.

Who is CouponIntegrity?
CouponIntegrity was started by the full-service, coupon-matching site,, as an effort to elevate the standards for couponing along with our peers. Trends such as Extreme Couponing have unfortunately drawn negative attention to couponing and there have been examples of the tightening of coupon policies at retailers as a result. This is ultimately bad for manufacturers, shoppers, and the retailers themselves. Through our collective influence, we can encourage successful couponing... with Integrity!


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